Sonic Rush Adventure, for the Nintendo DS, is the sequel to Sonic Rush. Like Sonic Rush both Sonic & Blaze are playable characters in Sonic Rush Adventure with Blaze needing to be unlocked. Southern Island serves as the main area in the game. New areas can be reached by using 4 ships to explore the map. Chaos Emeralds can be earned by winning a race against Johnny.


Like the original Sonic Rush there are 7 Zones each with 2 acts & a boss, as well as 2 more bosses. Sonic Rush Adventure also has 16 single act Hidden islands.

  • Plant Kingdom
  • Machine Labyrinth
  • Coral Cave
  • Haunted Ship
  • Blizzard Peaks
  • Sky Babylon
  • Pirates' Island


After getting caught in a storm, Sonic & Tails wash up on Seagull Beach where they are awakened by Marine. Tails makes the Wave Cyclone after they learn about materials the next day from Marine. The 3 of them test run their new waterbike by going to a nearby island. Eventually they meet Johnny who challenges Sonic to a race. Sonic & Tails discover that they are in Blaze's Dimension after Captain Whisker gets away with the Jeweled Scepter.